ACT Test Prep

Average at least 7-point ACT improvements

Combine content, pacing (especially for Reading and Science), proprietary strategies, and practice

Specialize in Notorious Science section

The ACT, first released in 1959 to compete with the SAT, is now the most popular and well-received college admissions test in the United States. The ACT is composed of five sections–English, Math, Reading, Science, and (optional) Writing–with each section being scaled, and then averaged, from 1 to 36. Sometimes called a “test of what you learned in high school,” the ACT is in fact much more a matter of strategy, pacing, and targeted practice.

Using actual ACTs, we will prepare with content training, pacing methods, and time-tested systems and strategies to ensure that you make big gains. We will break the test down into manageable parts, showing that you can be successful by simply mastering a few rules and shortcuts that are geared toward precision and high-speed. Students at The Krupnick Approach see average improvements of at least 7 points over three months of prep time. We also specialize in helping students with the notorious Science section, which is often perceived to be the most difficult part of the ACT. Whether you are looking to use the ACT to get into your dream school or you’re just looking for that extra push, the Krupnick Approach is here to help you make it happen!


Our Harvard and Ivy-League trained tutors support students throughout the college prep process by “cracking the code” of how these tests are designed and which strategies are essential to know.  Based on analysis of over 25,000 actual exam questions, we have constructed proprietary strategies, running data tracking to extract patterns in question categories, answers, and common traps.  ACT and SAT program programs include research and analysis, calculator programming, and full access to The Krupnick Approach proprietary database.  We are also temporarily offering unlimited mock tests of official ACTs and SATs for no extra charge.

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