John Brown

John Brown is a mathematics and science educator dedicated to helping all students see themselves as “math people.” He does this by fostering intellectual growth and providing specific tools to help students achieve their goals.

He believes that full-length practice in test-like conditions and continuous improvement based on targeted feedback are the keys to high achievement on standardized tests. He approaches test prep like a coach training an athlete for a race. You need the fundamental skills and strategies being tested, the strength and endurance to maintain top performance throughout, and the mental fortitude to stay focused. Students preparing for the ACT/SAT often find that while they have learned a given concept or problem-solving method at one time, they only learned it in the short-term to pass a unit in school.

The first step in ACT/SAT preparation is to re-integrate and refresh the math and science that students have learned already, while filling gaps in knowledge. Then it is a matter of building the confidence, accuracy, and speed necessary to execute effectively in a test setting.  

John has 9 years of experience tutoring math and science in many settings and with many kinds of students, from university and community college to middle and high school. Currently he is a resident teacher with Chicago Public Schools working toward a Masters of Arts in Teaching leading to state licensure in secondary mathematics. He is also an instructor with Math Circles of Chicago, a math enrichment program. John previously worked as a community college instructor and a data scientist with Deloitte.

The basis of his teaching and tutoring is a deep and comprehensive content knowledge. John holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University and a bachelor’s degrees in Math and English from Indiana University.

John knows what it takes to reach the highest level of performance on standardized tests and successful college and scholarship applications. He personally obtained perfect scores on the first attempt on the ACT composite, SAT Math, SAT English and GRE General Math. He won several major college scholarships, such as National Merit Scholarship, Herman B Wells Scholarship (full-ride to Indiana), and Gates Cambridge Scholarship.