Richard Thompson

Ann Arbor, MI
University of Michigan 

Richard Thompson is a rising junior at the University of Michigan’s prestigious Ross School of Business, where he is pursuing his BBA and his Master of Accounting.  A St. Ignatius College prep graduate and a former student of The Krupnick Approach, Richard joins the team for his second consecutive summer as Supervisor of Research and Analytics. Richard and his family have worked with Dr. Krupnick for more than a decade and have first-hand experience with the amazing results The Krupnick Approach can provide. Richard brings a unique perspective to the team as someone who started with The Krupnick Approach as a student and has continued with the team as an invaluable contributor to its expansion.

Richard brings keen analytical skills and problem-solving acumen to The Krupnick Approach from his university coursework at Michigan and his research with Professor Steven Levitt in the Economics Department at the University of Chicago.   As a high school student intern for Professor Levitt, Richard collaborated with a small group of Ph.D. candidates to analyze and collate data from the research team’s experiments.  As Krupnick Approach supervisor of Research and Analytics, Richard has conducted and compiled systematic research and data analysis on past ACT and SAT exams in order to aid in the development of Krupnick Approach proprietary strategies.

Richard wants to continue this work to help students receive the benefits of the Krupnick Approach program–which helped him immensely in getting into his first-choice undergraduate program.