Average 250+ point improvement on SAT

Students make 250+ point improvements

Assist with PSAT and Subject Tests as well as SAT.

Use all Official SATs, PSATs, and Subject Tests (including international SATs).

Combine content, pacing, proprietary strategies, and practice

The old stalwart of college admissions testing, the SAT is the elder sibling of the ACT–the latter being the more-relied-upon standard for American universities. But some colleges do prefer the SAT and some require Subject Tests, so savvier minds prevail when they also opt for prep at The Krupnick Approach. The SAT, in its fourth incarnation since 1994, now consists of an Evidence Based Reading and Writing section, a Math section, and an (optional) essay. The new version is conceptually identical to the ACT, but there is a difference in the way concepts are tested. Scaled from 400 to 1600, the exam requires students to take a no-calculator section and places more emphasis on vocabulary and multiple-meaning words. Also, because it is divided into only two sections (versus four for the ACT), the SAT places greater weight on mathematical skills and content than the ACT.

At The Krupnick Approach, we will help you ace the new SAT by focusing on content training and by using our own proprietary systems and strategies aimed for section mastery and efficiency. We will also de-mystify the test by showing you a set of rules and shortcuts that will turn the exam into a game that, after you’ve worked with us, you’ll be able to play at the highest level.

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