Zach Sharp

Chicago, IL
University of Chicago

Zach Sharp currently attends the University of Chicago with declared majors in economics and political science. He attended high school at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, where he maintained a competitive 3.8 GPA. He particularly excels in the humanities and social sciences, including history and economics. He has a visual disability and is a strong advocate for improving access to educational opportunities for the disabled.

While in high school, Zach founded the Students with Disabilities Association (SDA), where he developed a series of workshops to educate the faculty on the learning challenges of those with disabilities. These workshops helped teachers to become better equipped to accommodate and understand the needs of their students. In the two years that he ran the workshops, over 100 teachers and administrators attended 5 workshop sessions. In addition to his work with SDA, he served as a peer mentor for students with learning disabilities through the program Eye to Eye, an organization aimed at developing critical skills such as self-advocacy and confidence-building for younger students with learning differences. In addition to these advocacy activities,  Zach served as head analyst of his high school’s Finance Club, keeping track of and managing his school’s portfolio. This helped lead him to an internship at Ariel Investments, where he worked on analyzing mall REITs at the end of my senior year.

At the University of Chicago, Zach plans to expand the advocacy work that he started in high school into the university and the larger Hyde Park community. After earning his undergraduate degree, he plans to pursue work in investment banking and eventually plans to earn his MBA or law degree.