The Krupnick Advantage

93% Success Rate

TOP TRACK RECORD for ACT/SAT success in Chicago + 93% student placement into one of their top 3 colleges.

Personalized 1-on-1 Teaching

Ivy-League subject-matter specialists work 1-on-1 with you in each subject you need help.

Dedicated Access

Your 24/7 on-call educational experts are here to help in any way you may need, anytime you need it.

A Team of Experts

Our experts work tirelessly to help you add 7+ACT/250+ SAT Subject Tests points to your score.

Easy Access

Too far to drive to class? Learn in our Virtual Classroom from anywhere on any WIFI device.

Real-World Prep & Data Analytics

We have cracked the ACT/SAT by analyzing more than 25,000 questions to predict future tests.

How We Make a Difference for Students


Discover your unique skills, strengths, and passions, and how to harness them to find a college and career that fits you… not the other way around.


Learn how to identify your personal learning style, develop creative problem solving skills, and leverage your strengths to reach your goals now and later in life.


Calm anxiety and skyrocket your confidence with help from top experts who will walk you all the way through the college application, essay, testing, and interview process… and beyond!


Join the 93% of Krupnick Approach students who soar into one or more of their top three colleges. Head off to a college and a life where you'll be successful and happy.

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Krupnick Success Stories

Student Case Studies
A student working on a lesson from her tutoring session


Baseline: 24 ACT | Final Score: 32 ACT

Alison was convinced there was nothing she could do: she was just a “bad test taker.” No matter how hard she tried, her father told us, she’d never felt as confident on standardized tests as in the classroom (where she had almost straight A’s). Learn how Alison was able to improve her ACT score from a 24 to a 32 with The Krupnick Approach →

Students in a class attentively listening to the professor


Baseline:  17 ACT | Final Score: 25 ACT

For the first time in his life, Ned was exhibiting signs of serious depression.  The distress over his ACT scores was damaging his grades, his baseball performance, and his social life. Learn how he was able to turn this around and get accepted to an Honors Program in Iowa after just two months of prep with The Krupnick Approach →


Baseline: 1300 SAT | Final Score: 1510 SAT

With only a 1300 on her PSAT. Ava’s counselor told her, she didn’t have much chance to get into her dream school: Georgetown. Learn how Ava was able to increase her score by 200 points in just 15 sessions (and get into Georgetown) with The Krupnick Approach →

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