21st century technological innovations have opened new frontiers in long-distance learning and educational assistance.  In addition to providing high-quality in-person services, The Krupnick Approach now offers a range of online tutoring opportunities, including test-prep assistance, application support, and academic tutoring. 

The Krupnick Approach now offers full-service, virtual tutoring for all test prep, academic, and college consulting programs.

The Krupnick Approach now offers full-service, virtual tutoring for all test prep, academic, and college consulting programs.

Our tutors and consultants meet with students from around the world via Zoom. 

Our automated scheduling system allows students and parents to schedule sessions from any web browser or smartphone. Students can take mock tests in our downtown Chicago offices on weekends or at-home at any time that works for their schedule.

A member of our team will send an exam, answer sheets, and instructions for at-home mock tests. Students, parents, and the assigned tutor team will receive a detailed score report for each exam so students can review the results with their assigned tutors.

Students will also receive automatic reminder emails and text messages the day before each session and can see and modify their entire schedule from a single application.

Our administrative team provides regular updates and progress check-ins to make sure that students are staying on track with scheduling, mock tests, and official test schedules.

All these tools allow our students to keep up with busy academic and extracurricular schedules while still making significant progress in their studies and test prep. 

All students are provided with a unique Student Drive, housing all relevant documents for their program, including a program specification document, baseline score reports, mock test score reports, student portal login credentials, and much more. All programs come with full access to The Krupnick Approach’s proprietary database, including practice tests, strategy files, study guides, scoring and percentile information, curated question banks, timing and pacing guides, and third-party study resources. No matter where our students are located, we ensure that they are well-resourced to meet their test prep, academic, and college goals.

All of our test prep programs use an automated grading system that provides a unique portal for each student. Students and parents alike can log into their student portal to view detailed question-by-question results for all homework assignments and practice tests, including question-tag analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses in each subject. Students submit an answer sheet via email to their respective tutors for each practice section and mock test, allowing for quick and reliable grading and making sure students and tutors can spend their time on what matters. This also allows our administrative team to check in on student performance and make adjustments to programs as students progress in each subject.

Many of our tutors use a virtual, cloud-based whiteboard for in-session instruction, which allows tutors and students to collaborate on practice tests and academic lessons. Students have access to all previous whiteboards for regular review and independent studying, and may optionally complete their homework directly on the whiteboard so that their tutors can review their original work. All whiteboards can be downloaded to any computer or smartphone for easy offline review. 

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