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The Krupnick Approach offers academic and educational assistance to students ranging from middle school to graduate school who are looking to benefit from additional one-on-one support. 

Our founder, Dr. Joseph Krupnick, received his B.A. (Social Studies), M.A. and Ph.D. (Sociology) from Harvard University. His wife, Emily Krupnick, is chief management officer.

While in school Dr. Krupnick deepened an appreciation that learning does not take place in a vacuum or exclusively through exposure to the written word.

Dr. Krupnick and his colleagues work with students in areas such as executive functioning, language processing, attention, college prep, test prep, and special academic-related subject matter to help develop compensatory skills that harness students’ strengths and galvanize their intellectual self-confidence. We coordinate with students, teachers, and parents to customize programs that target academic subjects (often English, history, math, and science), standardized test preparation, and general skill building.

We work hard to co-construct a learning environment that students can begin to manage and, ultimately, come to enjoy. Over time, Krupnick Approach students report improvements in grades (averaging increases of at least two letter grades); in test scores (averaging 7+ increases on the ACT, +250 on the SAT); and in general academic productivity. As important, they report being excited about the process, looking forward to the sessions, and looking forward to school.


We only hire team members who have scored in the 99% on all standardized tests.


Founder, CEO, Senior Tutor, and College Consultant

Dr. Joseph Krupnick has based his life's work on tutoring young people with academic and...


Co-Founder, Chief Management Officer, and Consultant

Krupnick Approach Chief Mangagement Officer, Emily Krupnick brings 15 years of experience in Education...

Andrew William

Senior Tutor

Andrew William is a math and science tutor specializing in skill-building and conceptual...

Morgan Davis

Business Manager, Consultant

Morgan has recently joined The Krupnick Approach as our Business Manager. She has a varied...

Joe Burton

Senior Tutor and College Consultant

Joe has worked at the Krupnick Approach since 2019 as a testing tutor for ACT...

Cameron Gong

Senior Tutor and College Consultant

Known for his uncanny intellectual range and animated personal style, Cameron Gong comes to The Krupnick Approach with...


STEM Specialist and Senior Tutor

John Brown is a STEM educator dedicated to helping all students see themselves as “math people.” He does this by...

Anna Mcgowan

Design and Marketing Consultant and Tutor

Anne Puleo McGowan is the newest member of The Krupnick Approach team and joins the...

Robert Selkin


Dr. Bobby Selkin is a passionate and experienced SAT and ACT prep tutor who cares deeply about the success...

Alex Lebedeff


Alex Lebedeff has been tutoring standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT, on and off, since 1988...

William Chung


William Chung specializes in helping his students achieve their academic goals and beyond...



Carleen "Carly" Alexandra McKenna is the newest member of The Krupnick Approach team and joins...

Dennis Schulman


Dennis Schulman has tutored students for all sections of the SAT, ACT, GRE and SSAT for over thirty years...



Maryam Garba has a track record of successfully teaching and mentoring students of all ages..

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