Marcy Frazier

Columbia College, Northeastern University, Harold Washington College,
Chicago, IL

Marcy Frazier joins The Krupnick Approach team as a verbal tutor/essay specialist. With 20+ years of experience in coaching writing from middle school to doctorate levels, on the North Shore (New Trier, Highland Park, Deerfield, Stevenson students) as well as for the Collegiate Scholars Program in Hyde Park, she loves wrestling with words and sharing her passions with students, challenging them to greater heights of persuasiveness and analytical prowess. Marcy considers honing the craft of writing a life-long endeavor and continues to build on what she’s learned in previous courses on grammar, creative writing, philosophy, and literature at Columbia College, Northeastern University, Harold Washington College, and the University of Chicago.

Marcy holds a B.S. in Architecture and a minor in Architectural History from the University of Virginia. She also holds a masters in English Literature from the University of Illinois at Chicago, which she completed while teaching introductory composition courses to college freshmen. To earn secondary certification in English, Marcy completed student teaching at Latin School of Chicago and St. Ignatius College Prep. When she’s not tutoring, Marcy’s running, trying to keep up with her kids at Wilson Track, baking cookies and cakes with her daughter, or delving into literature and writing offerings at the Graham School.