Help with College Application Process

Essay assistance

Test-prep tutoring

Interview prep

Organizational support for recommendations, transcript, and application submission

Confidence boosting and anxiety

The Krupnick Approach has the best ACT/SAT and College prep track record anywhere.

93% of our students get in to one or more of their top three choices for college.

If the new college-admissions landscape seems especially anxiety-provoking and confusing, you are not alone. Acceptance rates have narrowed, expectations have expanded, and selective colleges are relying on a new approach they, somewhat confusingly, call “holistic” admissions.

While the rest of the college admissions world is using antiquated models that may have worked 10 years ago, The Krupnick Approach will prepare you with methods that work now. Whether you enlist our support for ACT/SAT, Subject Tests, academic coursework, summer program guidance, or college selection, we help you demystify the process and devise realistic and customized strategies so that you can soar into colleges where you will be happy and successful.

We are helping the next generation of young people discover new interests, develop new talents, and make the most of new opportunities.

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