Dr. Joseph Krupnick, Founder

Chicago, IL

Harvard University

Dr. Joseph Krupnick has based his life’s work on tutoring young people with academic and learning difficulties, whether due to a  learning difference, ADHD, emotional struggles, problems with study skills, or challenges with motivation.  Dr. Krupnick’s academic training and 15 years of tutoring a wide range of middle-school, high school, and college students equip him to offer individualized, one-on-one academic subject tutoring, educational therapy,  and academic consulting for students in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Dr. Krupnick works with students in areas such as executive functioning, language processing, attention, and academic subject matter to help students develop compensatory skills that harness their strengths and galvanize their intellectual self-confidence.   Dr. Krupnick coordinates with students, teachers, and parents to customize  personalized  learning programs that target academic subjects and general skill building by meeting the needs of the individual student.

Having worked with more than 500 students in the Chicagoland area and having trained at Harvard University for his BA, MA, and PhD, Dr. Krupnick is committed to the idea that academic growth and success is born of trust and intrinsic motivation and learning for the sake of learning.