Lauren Remenih

Butler University
Indianapolis, IN.

Lauren Remenih come to The Krupnick Approach with over 20 years of tutoring experience. Her areas of focus include test preparation for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, ISEE, and other local entrance exams. Additionally, she has worked with hundreds of students as they made the journey to college, from helping them work through their initial college interests, search and apply for scholarships, write personal essays, complete applications, and prepare for interviews. She has worked with all types of students and specializes helping those with learning difficulties, executive functioning disorders, test anxiety, and other learning obstacles.
Lauren takes a holistic approach to tutoring, focusing on creating a strong foundational relationship with her students that she then leverages to create fun, compassionate, and individualized learning sessions. A teen mentor for over 12 years, Lauren takes a genuine interest in each of her students and their measures of success. He passion, sense of fun, and extensive tutoring experience create safe and successful student teacher relationships that lead to academic success.