Success Story 1: The "Bad Test Taker"

Baseline: 24 ACT | Final Score: 32 ACT

A state-champion golfer, Alison was convinced there was nothing she could do:  she was just a “bad test taker.” Her father told us that no matter how hard she tried, she never felt as confident on standardized tests as in the classroom (where she had almost straight As).  With the ACT and SAT looming, Alison feared she would have to give up her dream of doing pre-med in college.  After starting with The Krupnick Approach, she became galvanized by her own success.

Strong GPA, but baseline ACT did not reflect her true potential.

Both parents are doctors with longstanding ties to medical establishment.

How The Krupnick Approach helped:
Reframe: We helped Alison reframe the ACT from a dreaded college entrance exam to a game with rules she could master.

Prepare: We teamed up for a 45-hour Gold Plus Program, meeting twice a week with a systematic plan of attack to build core skills and confidence, identify and avoid traps, and improve stamina and pacing.

Soar: On her second test, Alison increased her score from a 21 to a 28 and was admitted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she is currently a pre-med student.