Success Story 2: The "Fourth-Time Tester"

Baseline: 17 ACT | Final Score: 25 ACT

Ned’s dad called our offices in a bit of a panic: his son had used another service for ACT prep, and Ned had scored a 17 on three consecutive tests. A star high school pitcher and top senior recruit, Ned was ready to give up on the whole world of college. For the first time in his life, Ned was exhibiting signs of serious depression. The distress over his ACT scores was damaging his grades, his baseball performance, and his social life. When Ned got his first 17, his father told us, Ned walked into his room and started crying. When he got his third 17, he simply walked out of the house. With one more chance to take the test before college, Ned was convinced to take a leap of faith and start The Krupnick Approach.

A leader at school, a great athlete, a strong student, but ACT became a stumbling block.

Ned’s parents were committed to helping their son, but they were frustrated with his lack of improvement over three test sittings.

How The Krupnick Approach helped:

Reframe: We emphasized the importance of wiping the slate clean and starting fresh.  Everything Ned already experienced, we reminded him, could be used as a  source of strength–rather than as merely a waste of time. 

Prepare: In a once-a-week 30-hour Gold Program, We helped Ned learn new strategies, unlearn old ones, and, in some cases, adjust his entire approach.  We soon discovered that he was falling into classic “attention” and “second-guess” traps. We customized systems and strategies that accelerated his pace and turned the process into a game.  

Soar: After two months of prep–on his first test with us–Ned increased his score from a 17 to a 25. He was admitted to the honors program at Iowa, which is where he will be attending college in the fall.