Success Story 3: The "Mutiple-School" Student

Baseline: 1300 SAT | Final Score: 1510 SAT

Ava and her parents had recently moved from the suburbs to the city. Now, in the middle of making the adjustment from a big public school to a medium-sized Catholic school, Ava was told by her guidance counselor she needed better test scores. With only a 1300 on her PSAT, Ava’s counselor told her she didn’t have much chance to get into Georgetown, her dream school. Rather than give up, Ava came to the Krupnick Approach.for test prep and college consulting.

Ava had dreamed of Georgetown Business ever she was 11–when her older brother started there as a freshman.

Ava’s parents were proud of both of their children, but what made them proudest was that Ava was a self-starter. Ava did not have to be told to do her homework or test prep; she was self-motivated.

How The Krupnick Approach helped:

Reframe: For Ava to increase her score 200 points, we encouraged her to think of the SAT as a track race (she was a 400 meter runner) in which the goal was to decrease her time (or increase her score) by a little bit every week. “One step at a time” became more than a banal platitude.

Prepare: Ava embarked on a once-a-week 22.5-hour Silver program and we combined sessions with biweekly mock tests for conditioning and stamina.

Soar: In a 15 session program, Ava successfully increased her score from 1300 to 1510. Today she is attending Georgetown.